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Captain's Report

Read along as Captain Tommy Barnard reports his trips

"Today I had the pleasure of fishing a repeat client and his family. Left the dock at seven o'clock and made our way to my first stop and everyone casted out. I mentioned to leave some slack in the line so the redfish don't feel resistence right off the bat. Our first stop yielded 5 reds from 23 to 27 inches. The fish played out so we made a couple more stops during the day and finished out our limit of 12 redfish. My clients two children had a blast and was awesome to watch them grinning while they were fighting these redfish. Awesome day with great clients..."
-- Capt. Tommy

"All I can say is WOW! The Flounder gigging has been nothing short of outstanding. We have gigged flounder all summer with great numbers and drum and sheephead when they get in our line of fire. If you have not gone flounder gigging you are missing out. You will not get sunburn I promise. COME ENJOY THE NIGHT LIFE. "
--Capt. Tommy (July)

"Okay the trout bite is on. We are getting limits as the norm. I am using croaker but soon will be switching to piggies. Along with catching nice boxes of trout we are catching alot of mangrove snapper while catching trout. Hey I have been taking alot of gigging trips for flounder and seeing nice numbers along with gigging alot of drum. Im telling you if you have not tried flounder gigging yet give me a call and I will show you what you have been missing out on. It's a hoot............."
--Capt. Tommy (June)

"Well if I said the wind was not blowing I would be a liar. In these conditions I have been wade fishing with croaker and catching some nice trout. Some days we will catch a trophy trout and I always recommend to take a pic and release her and have a fiberglass mount made. The mount will outlast a skin mount and the sow will live to catch another day. That's a win-win situation don't you agree. I have been gigging flounder on nights when the wind is tolerable and getting some nice boxes of flounder and drum. COME ENJOY THE NIGHT LIFE WITH ME."
--Capt. Tommy (May)

"Wind,wind & wind. I am concentrating on shell reefs fishing with shrimp under a cork and catching a mix bag of trout, redfish, drum and sheephead. Im still shopping the reefs up north looking for bait on the reefs and if I dont see it then I dont fish it. The month of May will kick off with croaker to catch trout ( Oh yeah ). Im also have been busy taking flounder gigging trips when the water clarity will alow and sticking a few on some nights and alot on others. This is a hoot you need to try a flounder trip on my flounder boat. "
--Capt. Tommy (April)

"Wow,what a month. The tides have been really low and the trout and redfish action has been great . I am still fishing with Gulp soft plastics and a 1/16 ounce jig head with a slow presentation with the water still cold. The spring run for flounder will be kicking off in March and is sure to be alot of fun. If you have never gigged flounder in a boat then you are missing out. We cruise around the shallows near deep water after dark with above water and submerged lights and when you see one you gig them. They are fantastic table fair so if you would like to try it give me a call. Until next time...............Capt. Barnard "
--Capt. Tommy (February)

"Wow, what a month. I have had a few wade fishing trips and we are still keying on a mix of shell and mud and fishing with soft plastics in new penny and nucleaur chicken and producing trout and redfish. The spring flounder run is fixing to kick off in March and is sure to be alot of fun. I encourage you to come see what you have been missing. Book a combo trip. The trip starts @ 4:30pm and we fish till dark and then we switch to gigging flounder for 4 1/2 hrs."
--Capt. Tommy (January)

"It's December and we are wade fishing with soft plastics and a 1\16oz jig heads with a real slow presentation because the trout and redfish don't want to expend to much energy to capture their prey. Remember walk very slow and cover all the water you are wading. "
--Capt. Tommy (December)

"The water has been very low and I have been fishing drop offs using 1/16oz jig heads with Berkley Gulps in the colors New Penny and Nuclear Chicken. The fish are holding on a mix of grass and mud. "
--Capt. Tommy (November)

"The fronts are coming and when the tides drop quickly concentrate on depressions in the flats because the fish will be stubborn and want to stay as close to the shallows as possible. Anchor and use shrimp or live perch."
--Capt. Tommy (November)